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Year 2 retell an Anancy Story with great dramatic prowess. HarrisFed


Ruby takes it away as she leads Y1 in celebrating day and reminding us of the seven continents HarrisFed


Amazing atmosphere as celebrate year 1/2 evening.


Celebrating quality teaching and learning in Harris. At least 3x more ‘outstanding’ schools compared to national.


Amazing new playground . Thank you Pentagon Play.


Retweetd From Dawn Venn

Engrossed in Manet... staff CPD at the Courtauld Gallery


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Fabulous staff CPD at the Courtauld Gallery, Somerset House


Year 6 Lion King. Amazing talent with two weeks to go before the performance Tickets in demand! Book quickly.


Rehearsals for Lion king looking spectacular. Book tickets at office


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It's now practical time for our NQTs with specialist Paul


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Good morning! We're really looking forward to the musical treats in store for 's alumni cohort from !


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Exec Principal Joanne Taylor showing our NQTs how music is cross-curricular!


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Bravo!! A brilliant musical performance using song and instruments from NQTs


Maths Brain Box Day - exploring mathematics through investigation. Brilliant fun in assembly


Term-time holiday dad loses court battle


Easter fair was so much fun. Great to see so many parents.


Rapturous, spontaneous, genuine applause and standing ovations at the end of our very first gospel choir concert.


fair steel pans celebration. Community coming together. Celebrating Easter


Fabulous fair to end a tremendous term


Father and son egg and spoon race at fair.

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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3.


Class Newsletters


Hello everyone and welcome to Year 3.

Year 3 is led by Ms Arundell (3 Zephaniah) and Miss James (3 Rosen). They are helped by Mrs Gardiner and Krezel.


Amazing Adventures in Year 3

This half term, our topic theme is ‘Amazing Adventures’, and in Year 3 we will be studying the fascinating subject of the Ancient Egyptians. This civilization was extremely important as they were the first people to develop both writing and mathematical concepts. As well as discovering more about this, we will be learning about their lifestyle, culture and beliefs. We will also be finding out how archaeologists have discovered so much about them. We will also be examining the impact that the Ancient Egyptians had on our society today: how they have influenced many of our own technological advances, and how we have developed as a society. Finding out more about the Ancient Egyptians is going to be extremely exciting and challenging!

We will be having our WOW day in week 4 based on this theme. There are lots of fun activities planned for this day, including: making papyrus paper, writing hieroglyphics and making our own models of a mummy and sarcophagus (tomb). The children’s drama and art lessons will be linked to our topic.


We will be studying plants. How they grow, what each part of a plant is called and what its function is. The children will also be learning about how plants reproduce and how they disperse their seeds after flowering.

Last term we prepared for this topic by planting some bulbs with the children – some green shoots are appearing so we are keeping our fingers crossed! 


This term we will be studying measure, mass and capacity, length and time. It is essential that your children can read both analogue and digital clocks – please help us with this, by asking your child the time at home.

Another way you could support your child’s learning is by discussing foodstuffs, such as rice or pasta, and what their mass is. Tables are still an issue pleas make sure you child knows their tables 2, 5, 10 3, 4 and 6.


We begin this half term with three weeks of storytelling. This means that we will be learning new stories, and wonderful ways that we can remember them and write them for ourselves. We will be learning about ‘The Birth of Osiris’, a myth about some of the Ancient Egyptian gods.

We will be deepening our knowledge and understanding of both the art of storytelling, and this story in particular, through role play, drama and character profiles.

We will also be improving our writing skills by including ‘description: detail’ and ‘2 pairs’ sentences, and developing our use of different sentence and paragraph openers.

For example:

‘Thoth challenged moon to a game of chess: he won game after game until he had enough light for five new days.’


‘Exhausted and fearful, swollen and in pain, Sky begged for help to end her agony.’

In the last two weeks of this half term, we will be looking at explanation texts, and will write our own explanations about how bodies were mummified, how papyrus paper was made and how the Egyptian Pharaohs were buried.

Home Reading Journals

Please make sure you are listening to your child read for 10 minutes EVERY NIGHT. In year 3, our reading results for last term have shown that children who read at home are progressing much more quickly in their reading than those who don’t. Support your child’s reading, and ask them about their book.


For the first four weeks of this term, your child will be practising their handwriting EVERY DAY. This means that each day they will get a handwriting lesson, based on the Jarman script, and each day they will have handwriting homework to complete. This is to ensure that the standard of presentation in their books is high, and in line with the National Curriculum. Please support your child in completing and returning their handwriting homework daily.