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Year 6

Welcome to Y6.


Class Newsletter


Welcome back! We hope your Christmas was filled with much joy and lots of rest.

Year 6 is led by Mrs Sinem (6 Horowitz) and Mr Whyte (6 Shakespeare). They are helped by Miss Battoms, Mr Ibrahim and Miss Prouzova.

In class this half term, we will be looking at newspaper reports. Exploring why and how they are written. We will develop skills such as: reported and direct speech; lead paragraphs- who, what, where, why, when; the body of a news- paper report- looking at the finer details of the story as well as using subordinate clauses to add detail, fronted adverbials and key facts.

After this, we will be looking at information texts. Researching the Ancient Greeks and using this information to write our own information texts. We will explore the layout and structures, as well as, learning how to write this type of text well. We will do this through learning where to add detail, rhetorical questions, captions and illustrations.

In Mathematics we will concentrate on number. We will be securing the basics of place value-recognising the value of each digit up to 10,000,000, moving on to rounding whole numbers and decimals. We will finally move onto four operations (adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing) of whole numbers, decimals and fractions.

In addition to this, we will be working closely on statistics: analyzing pie charts, bar charts and line graphs. Translation: the movement of shapes along a double quadrant and co-ordinates: plotting marks using positive and negative numbers on a double quadrant grid.

As you are aware year 6 is an extremely important year and we hope that parents will guide, support and encourage their children to complete homework on time, read daily and be made aware of how much progress they are making every day.