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CONGRATULATIONS !! Thoroughly deserved and a credit to the nation. Delighted to amend the hashtag from to ! 👏👏👏


Please remember if you have concerns over the summer you can still contact us. helpline is also available to listen and help.


As our brilliant Year 6 wrap up their final day with us at HPACP, here’s a little throwback to their Chessington trip this week! Keeping cool and hydrated in the 🌞!


Year 1 are enjoying their end of year party! Thank you to our wonderful parents for bringing us all of these wonderful snacks!


Some incredible FREE summer events which might be of interest!


We don’t have a newsletter this week, but wanted to share a message from Kiam, a child in year 6, who has written some thoughts before he leaves today.


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What an amazing completion to be complimented by Dr Steve Swanson, NASA astronaut . Very proud of our Y6 students who ended this year with great honour! ⁦⁩ ⁦⁩ ⁦⁩ ⁦⁩ ⁦⁩ ⁦


Loving life. A fantastic way to end the journey in year 6 - straight down the log flume!


Hats off to the teachers who kept the hats on our children! great day without any queues meant lots of wet rides, no standing around in sun and a fantastic day


Well done teachers for ensuring everyone had a great time today. Hydrated and wet and cool. Thank you


Wet and wild. The children kept themselves cool by making great use of the water rides. It really was like being on holiday!


Y6 are leaving Chessington now and estimated to return at 7pm. We will update you if there are any changes or delays. 😊


Hats on, big gulps of water taken, all keeping well in the 🌞!


Year 6 staying cool in the shade 🌞


The children are enjoying some board games in our air conditioned classroom at HPACP this morning. They are wearing their loose clothing to stay cool and staying hydrated by taking plenty of water!


Year 6 are en route to this morning and they are prepared for the heat. The children are wearing loose fitting clothing, are supplied with plenty of water, have lots of sun screen and are travelling in an air conditioned bus! Stay tuned here and on Instagram for updates!


Have ideas to improve Hartington Park? Let know!


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Congratulations to Team18 and the ‘out of box thinkers’ in SLT at HATO and HPACP, HPAPL who made this happen


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I was speechless the production was amazing. Well done year 6 and teachers 👏


Preparation for Y6 trip tomorrow… we have planned tomorrow extremely carefully so as to ensure pupils do not miss out but are still safe. If you do not want your child to attend the trip please send them to school as normal. Otherwise please see guidelines below

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Central Office















Our Learning Ethos, Aims & Values

Our Mission Statement:

We believe that confidence, self esteem and strong moral values are the keys to successful futures; that all children can make a difference in the world they live. Therefore at HPACP we develop a 'can-do' attitude; empowering every member  of the school family to embrace challenge, take risks and aspire to achieve....

'exceedingly, abundantly, above all we can think or imagine.'

Our Ethos

Learning is at the heart of all we do; learning for children, staff and parents. Our ethos is embedded in our belief that high expectations achieve high outcomes! We also believe in building confidence by giving children opportunities to achieve through challenging and creative learning experiences.

However, academic attainment is not enough. We want to grow children who care enough to make a difference in the world. Therefore, we emphasise strong moral values which together form the daily diet at Harris Coleraine Park.

Our teachers and leaders are ambitious for the children and families of Harris Primary Academy Coleraine Park.

We have high expectations for behaviour and learning and therefore high expectations of outcomes for children.

We want to raise standards and expectations by making sure that, whatever a child’s background or starting point is, they finish Year 6 with the academic skills, social skills and knowledge necessary to succeed. 

This is brought about by having systems and processes that ensure good behaviour; engaging and rigorous teaching; learning and assessment combined with detailed monitoring of achievement and personalised target setting.

Teachers know exactly where each child is in terms of achievement and have stretching targets for them.  Whenever a child needs extra support, we plan work for them in small groups or on a one-to-one basis to give them the additional tuition they require.

Children with identified Special Educational Need or disability will be assessed to be included on the Special Educational Needs register.  Provision for these children is then mapped to ensure that they are able to access the full range of curriculum opportunities to progress and succeed.

Our aim is that each of our students should be able to hit the ground running when they begin secondary school.

Timetable of the Day