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Yesterday afternoon, 4 Lewis went to visit Westminster Abbey - home to many Kings, Queens and poets. They also got creative during an exciting workshop.


Ezekiel gets picked for on the spot interview at Royal Albert Hall Barnardo’s Young Supporters Concert. Great job Ezekiel.


Amazing massed choir at Royal Albert Hall


Spot the Coleraine Park blue and gold kilts (front row) in the thousand strong masses choir as they sing


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This is so exciting! How might we use this in our classrooms to inspire and motivate our students?


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Our investigating depth of craters using marbles and flour to replicate the surface of the moon


Y2 Class assembly GIRLS turn this time with the performance of their favourite Julia Donaldson song.


Y2 Class assembly boys and girls performance of their favourite Julia Donaldson song.


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Trip to St Davis 👩‍🌾🐾☀️👩‍🌾


Just a few of the activities we’ve done today; an absolute joy. Thank you


Winter sunshine and sheer joy


Sheer joy in November sunshine in amazing Treginnis


Great times; a 3 mile coastal walk and still full of energy on the beach


Amazing fun on the beach.


Feeding and milking the goats

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Year 1

Hello everyone and welcome to Year 1.


Reading Challenge Books

Class Newsletter


Welcome to Year 1.

Year 1: Wonderful Me!

Welcome back for what will be our last half term together! We hope you and your children have had a nice, restful break, and are beginning to get ready for Year 2. Before we say goodbye, we have seven exciting learning weeks, where your children will be learning about our brand new topic: the Digital Revolution! Read on to find out more.


Digital Revolution

This is a brand new topic for Harris Academy Coleraine Park, and children across all year groups will be learning about different aspects of our digital age. In year 1, we will be looking at the history of toys, and will be finding out what our parents, grandparents and beyond played with before looking at the toys children play with now (including computer games). As part of this, we will be visiting the Museum of Childhood in Bethnal Green, to see for ourselves the kinds of toys children used to play with. Please see the return slip on the back of this newsletter to find out more.



In English, we will begin by looking at some well-known stories: ‘Knuffle Bunny’, ‘My Friend Bear’ and a poem called ‘This is the Bear’. We will be re-writing, innovating (writing our own story based on the characters of a known book) and writing a story based on the poem. We will continue practising our punctuation, and writing 2A and BOYS sentences.

E.g ‘Knuffle Bunny tried to make her dad realise how upset she was, but he didn’t understand’.

Then we will be writing explanation texts about toys our grandparents played with and toys we play with today. Finally, we will be writing a letter to Hamley’s toy store, to tell them about our favourite toy and why it is our favourite.


In mathematics, we will begin this half term learning about capacity and volume. Then we will be learning about time, particularly using language such as first, later, today, tomorrow, as well as our continued practice of reading on the hour and half hour. We will also solve problems relating to days, months and years. After that, we will be solving problems using money, including finding change. Please support your child by discussing money and change whenever you go to the shops. We will finish the term by practicing multiplication and division skills using sharing and grouping.


To finish off a fabulous year in science, we will be learning about materials and their properties. We will classify materials and objects according to their properties, and will look at the different uses of materials and objects. We will write our predictions about what we will discover in our testing, carry out experiments to test which properties different materials and objects have, and finally write up our conclusions about what we discover.



As already mentioned, we will be looking at the evolution of toys. This will have a strong history focus, and we will be learning about where we can find information of the past, understanding what ‘living memory’ and ‘non-living memory’ mean and creating timelines of toys through the ages.