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Yesterday afternoon, 4 Lewis went to visit Westminster Abbey - home to many Kings, Queens and poets. They also got creative during an exciting workshop.


Ezekiel gets picked for on the spot interview at Royal Albert Hall Barnardo’s Young Supporters Concert. Great job Ezekiel.


Amazing massed choir at Royal Albert Hall


Spot the Coleraine Park blue and gold kilts (front row) in the thousand strong masses choir as they sing


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This is so exciting! How might we use this in our classrooms to inspire and motivate our students?


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Our investigating depth of craters using marbles and flour to replicate the surface of the moon


Y2 Class assembly GIRLS turn this time with the performance of their favourite Julia Donaldson song.


Y2 Class assembly boys and girls performance of their favourite Julia Donaldson song.


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Trip to St Davis 👩‍🌾🐾☀️👩‍🌾


Just a few of the activities we’ve done today; an absolute joy. Thank you


Winter sunshine and sheer joy


Sheer joy in November sunshine in amazing Treginnis


Great times; a 3 mile coastal walk and still full of energy on the beach


Amazing fun on the beach.


Feeding and milking the goats

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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2.


Reading Challenge Books

Class Newsletters


Welcome to Year 2 for Spring 2 term everyone!

Year 2 continue to be led by Mrs Saad and Ms Tobin in Year 2 Donaldson and Mrs Bennett, Mrs Kamil and Mrs Goodman in Year 2 Browne. This second half term, during our theme – Wonderful Me - My Body is a Temple, Year 2 children will be learning about the importance of keeping ourselves healthy through a good well balanced diet (PSCHE) and investigating body parts and their functions (Science). This term, we have another exciting trip planned for the children. On Wednesday 15th March, we will be going on a school trip to the Science Museum in South Kensington. You will receive further information regarding this trip in our Class newsletter soon!

In English, we will be focusing on writing an instruction, newspaper report and continue to learn how to write creative and imaginative fictional stories. We will be looking at Russian fairy tale book such as The Girl Who Never Smiled, fictional book called I Love My Hair and various non-fiction books such as Inside Our Bodies. We continue to improve the quality of our sentences by using Alan Peats sentences such as 2A sentences (two adjectives), similes (‘ a’ ‘…like a’), BOYS sentences (connectives But, Or, Yet, So), De:De sentence (Describe:Detail), practice with key words, weekly Grammar Hammer and spelling. This term we also continue to focus on Jarman handwriting in all of our books. Something that our children continue to be excited about is the Reading Challenge program that we started last year. Children are encouraged to take a special book home to read and come back the next day with the book to be passed on to the next friend!

In Mathematics, we have started learning about data collection, tally chart and graphs including pictograms and will be also focusing on telling the time, measurement and money. We continue to practice counting numbers in 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s, 10s forwards and backwards and using 100squares and number line during our Maths lessons. This term we would like children to begin practicing with some of the previous SATs papers in particular looking at Arithmetic and reasoning papers. Towards the second week of the term, we will be asking children to start learning their times tables as this would help greatly with multiplication and division work.

We look forward to working with you again this Spring 2 term and please feel free to come and speak to anyone of us if there are any issues or areas you would like to discuss.