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Basket ball fun Year 6 take some time to show the little ones in Year 1 how to dribble the ball in their PE lessons. The children had a great session. Well done HPACP!


Happy Birthday Ms Eva 🎁🎈🎉 Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, thank you for everything you do for us . We hope you have an amazing day!😄😄


Generous Princesses Our amazing Y4 girls Taliyah and Isla, decided to donate their long, beautiful hair to The Little Princess Trust. Their charitable actions will change the lives of little girls all around us. We are very proud you both!


Wonderful collaboration in Y3 today. They have been writing persuasive letters based on their class text The Jungle Book.


Year 5 and 6 have a new addition to their playground. Three new football tables! The children love playing with these at break and lunchtimes.


Reception had an art lesson today looking at Monet’s paintings and recreating their own Lily pads. Even in holiday academy they are working hard to create wonderful art work.


The are broadcasting their &Juliet tonight and we can’t wait! Particularly Year 4 who did their own online production this year!


Thank you so much to Barings who provided thousands of freshly cooked meals to our families throughout lockdown. What a blessing.


Easter Egg Surprise 🐣 The children here at HPACP are all excited by the stacks of pyramids in their classrooms. Have a lovely Easter break and stay safe!


Board game fun The children are enjoying a fun packed morning of board game bonanza!!


All the children have really enjoyed their classic board games morning. We have had all the classics including Ludo, Guess Who and UNO.


The sun is shining 🌞 So Y4 took advantage of the lovely weather and had story time outside.


Happy Birthday, Ms Knight! Madeline's amazing mum created a balloontastic surprise for our lovely Ms Knight. We hope she enjoys her special day!


Recepetion have been making bread today! They mixed the dough and are kneading it into shape. Well done Reception.


Parent Meetings Can we please remind all parents that their parent meeting slips must be returned by end of day tomorrow. Appointment times will be handed out on Friday 26th March, please ensure you get yours! All meetings will be held via Zoom.😃


Y3Z are exploring division using concrete resources to deepen their conceptual understanding. Well done year 3!


Our amazing Y6 children are working so hard to develop their writing. Today they are planning non-fiction writing using outstanding vocabulary.


Well-being matters: after health and safety checks and Covid tests, our wonderful team sharing breakfast before working hard to ensure we maintain our world class education


World book day is so much fun but who enjoys dressing up the most?

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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3.

Reading Challenge Books

Dear Parents/Carers,

Welcome back to Summer!


For the first 3 weeks of this half term the children will be writing a narrative based on the story of ‘Flat Stanley’ and then innovating the story.  

For the last three weeks of the half term the children will be writing a narrative based on the book ‘Alice Dent and the Incredible Germs’ and innovating the story.  

In both instances, children will choose what they want to change in the story, for example, the outcome, the character or the setting.  



Our topics in maths this term will be continuing to learn about the duration of time, comparing durations, start and end times, measuring time in seconds and problem solving with time. Properties of shape turns and angles, angles in shapes and comparing angles. Children will learn how to draw angles, know the difference between horizontal and vertical and parallel and perpendicular. They will also recap the properties of 2D and 3D shapes. The last unit of the term will be mass and capacity. Children will learn measure and compare mass as well as add and subtract mass. They will learn to measure capacity as well as compare and add and subtract capacity. 

It is imperative for all children to log into their Mathletics and complete a task daily as part of their homework as this helps them consolidate their learning.  


This half term in science we will be asking the following questions, What is force? Can forces act on an object from a distance? Why does earth orbit the sun? By the end of the half term, children will be able to understand and describe how motion is caused by forces, understand and describe the behaviour of magnetic poles, classify materials in to magnetic and non-magnetic groups, investigate the role of magnetism in everyday life, interpret results to draw a conclusion and examine the behaviour of a magnetic field around a magnet. 


This half term in geography the children will be learning about fieldwork and the local area. They will learn to sketch a map with relevant features, considering the scale and size, identify and use maps and keys effectively, explore and represent land use in the local area and use maps effectively to plan journeys.  


In history this half term we will be learning about Tudors and trade. Children will understand how Tudors established trade links, how exploration led to trade, recognise how war impacted England, explore the causes of poverty in Tudor England and understand what the Spanish Armada was. 


In RE this half term children will be learning about Christianity and how do we answer ‘big’ questions? They will consider the existence of God, explore the reason for existence and understand how they as individuals may change the world.