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HPACP enjoy a quick history lesson talking to The Loyal Company of Town Criers.


Primary school players smash out This is Coleraine.


Lord Harris enjoys his favourite band to share the opening of the new Tapi store in Penge ⁦


Temperature is cold but spirits are high as the amazing band adds a bit of sunshine to Penge high street ⁦


Quality and tone of cause passers-by to join in. So proud of you. ⁦⁦


Amazing pan playing as band draw crowds at opening of Tapi carpets new store in Penge ⁦


Great enrichment opportunities for our friends in PL


Y2 done an amazing job with their healthy eating homework project. Well done Year 2


Stunning Silent Night with lit . . Set the expectation high - and children won’t let you down


Whilst Shepherd watched their flocks. Fabulous singing. So proud of excellence, engagement and enthusiasm


Crisis at Christmas; Homelessness affected Mary and Joseph too. Stunning soloists sing Away in a Manger.


Homelessness in Bethlem and We Three Kings. Fabulous singing, acting, signing. So proud of you


This is the standard of ease, confidence and quality when drama, music and singing are seen as valuable in the primary curriculum. No room for reducing the curriculum. keeping the curriculum broad


Beautiful singing ‘Oh little town of Bethlehem’ years 4,5,6 service


Fabulous singing ‘Marys Boy Child’ year 4,5,6 in our service. Great actions


There’s no room in town - amazing 4 year olds knowing where yo, when to move, how to time the knock whilst singing beautifully. Amazing.


Reception children perform ‘Clip Clop’ from Nousy Nativity. Amazing. Superb.


Reception children - FOUR years old perform Noisy Nativity and they are clapping in time! Amazing. Well done teachers. So proud


“Christmas is for everyone” Chantes and danced by year 2. Fantastic nativity. Great teachers!


Y2 nativity and you can hear every word! Such clarity. Fabulous Christmas words. “If you think you’re not important for the little things you do, just remember God above us very proud of you!”

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Year 4

Friendly welcome from year 4


Reading Challenge Books

Class Newsletter

Year 4 Lewis is led by Ms Sandu and supported by Miss Phillips and Mrs Kubat. Year 4 Dahl is led by Ms Shaikh and supported by Ms Ahmed.

This half term, our topic focus is on ‘Amazing Adventures in Ancient Maya’. They Mayans were one of the first civilisations to use the cocoa bean. To learn more about their uses for it and why it was important to their way of life, we will be paying a visit to Cadbury’s World. Here we will learn more about the significance of this civilisation.

Back in the classroom, we will use our new knowledge on the Mayans to write our own Myths, diary entries and fact files. The Mayans used myths as a form of understanding natural phenomena’s and explain the world around them. They came up with some fascinating and imaginative ways to describe the world around them. These Myths were carried down through generations, by word of mouth, as this was their main form of education. Mayans believed in many gods, who controlled different aspects of their life, so honoured them in many ways.

In English, we will be using the information we have learnt, in topic, to write myths and retell Mayan stories. Later in the term, the English focus will shift to diary entries- we will be looking at the key features and using these to inform our writing. We will also be looking closely at Alan Peat sentence structures and using these to enhance our writing.

Regarding Maths, we are revising areas and perimeters of 2D shapes and we’ll pass on to the next section, ‘Measurement’. We can measure the capacity/ volume, Area, Length, Weight, Time and Money. By the end of the term, we will be able to tell the time and convert different units of the time such as: seconds, minutes, days, hours, weeks etc. We’ll also learn about money, we’ll have good practice in handling coins, convert and learn to give the correct change when shopping. And we can use our money to buy chocolate, too!

We are all excited about what this term brings! Hope you will all enjoy it!