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Retweetd From Shirin sheikh-Bahai

Congratulations to Year6 students at HPACP for successfully raising fund to adapt 14 endangered animals from WWF list in their Science Project! Hats off and THANK YOU!


Retweetd From Shirin sheikh-Bahai

Inspired by Itza Digital science resources, young students at Harris Federation Primary Academies respond to WWF - Fighting for Your World call!


The weekly newsletter is on the website. Please email us if you want to receive it directly. Lots of information this week. Page 1 - 2weeks summer school for y5 pupils. Catch up starts in August!


Star of the week and free tech course for parents. Last page of our weekly newsletter. Hope you enjoyed


great work this week - even writing to the prime minister. Thank you to our amazing team


Summary of September - what school will look like.


New classes next year. What you’ve all been waiting to hear… Y5 you get the special privilege of 3 world class teachers in classes of 20!


New school day 8:30-4:30pm in Autumn Term and to enable full coverage of all subjects AND recovery curriculum. Thank you to our amazing teachers. This is what it means to be World Class


A full 6-weeks of online learning written by our outstanding team of world class teachers available to all children in HPACP and . Thanks to amazing staff 4 weeks of monitoring, feedback and help too! Please log in and keep learning


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Payback time: academic's plan to launch Free Black University in UK


#2 “My Story Matters” by our beautiful,, positive, inspirational teacher Ms Dos Santos. So proud of our staff team who chose to help us understand. Thank you! Take a few minutes to watch it here


This week’s newsletter other half - p4-7. Fabulous work at home and at school. Superb writing, challenging protests, brilliant stories to listen to, next week’s cold lunch menu and a birthday girl with a beautiful smile


This week’s newsletter p1-3. Updating you with the amazing work done by our BLM team and our kids. Fantastic job everyone. So proud of you all.


So proud! After a full day of teaching their bubbles 1 HLTA teaches 2 colleagues GCSE biology in prep for their exams. What a team! ⁦⁩ ⁦⁩ ⁦


No cross contamination of bubbles with online video lessons from specialist teachers. Thank you Ms Hastings for teaching ⁦⁩ and us. We love Music on Wednesdays ⁦⁩ ⁦


Adelina arrived in the UK in Y1: a fluent Romanian speaker. Now in Y5 she not only shows her mastery of the English language but also her simplistic understanding of justice through her emotive poem


Y6 have been learning about heritage, history, injustice and change. They wrote speeches and created posters to simply share their views.


Hi Thankbyou for responding. we would love to know clubs in Tottenham area please email


Retweetd From HPA Philip Lane

New Reception parents information booklet - Dates for the year. Not sure on gov guidance for extended day yet. Attendance matters!


Retweetd From HPA Philip Lane

New Reception parents information booklet. We have a fantastic series of workshops planned which will now be on ZOOM. The password is in your paper pack.

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

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Year 4

Friendly welcome from year 4


Reading Challenge Books

Class Newsletter

We had an excellent first half term and I’m looking forward to teaching 5 as we head into winter. Your children had great attendance last half term, so thank you for your support with that. We are going to give you information in this newsletter on what we are learning this term as well as important information such as PE days and trips. Please do come to us with any questions that you have.


This half-term we will be focusing on multiplication and division. The students will learn how to identify multiples and factors of a number, as well as how the recognise and use prime numbers, square numbers and cube numbers.
We’ll be multiplying and dividing numbers (including decimals) by powers of 10 (10, 100, 1000), as well as doing column multiplication of 4 digit numbers.  We’ll then bring all this together to do multi-step problems using all four operations later in term.


During this half-term we will be focusing our reading on poetry and these students will have the chance to read and become familiar with The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes. We’ll be looking at how to read poetry aloud and learning a range of new vocabulary. Later in the term, we will read and examine The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

Our writing this term is also based on the above books. We will be using them to develop our skills in writing narratives, setting descriptions, character and figurative language. 

PE kit

Please make sure your child brings in their PE kit on Monday and takes it home on Friday to wash. 

PE takes places on Tuesday and Wednesday.

We are all excited about what this term brings! Hope you will all enjoy it!