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A great week of learning despite the obvious challenges. So proud of everyone and the enthusiasm shown to maintain excellence for all our children. Read more in today’s newsletter on website


THANK YOU team for always going above amd beyond! Our lovely parents have been telling us how pleased they are with our efforts! I am so proud of the teamwork, resilience and enthusiasm to provide learning. Thanks mum for email


Want outstanding online learning? Then plan for it! Fail to plan; plan to fail. NOT US. Tomorrow’s staff training schedule! Looking forward to it!


Retweetd From Jennifer

I really appreciate this. Thank you so much and happy new year to all staff at HPACP!


Retweetd From Harris Federation

Thank you so much to staff across all 50 Harris academies who have worked tirelessly to ensure the very best provision is ready for pupils this Spring Term


Retweetd From HPA Philip Lane

Our amazing art teacher once again finds the exact word to inspire our community and gently encourage us forward… what a blessing Ms Tarr is.


Please know we were always busy planning for remote learning. We are excited that it will be even better this time round and more ‘live’ teaching for those at home. We will do our best for you! As always.


In response to welcome U-turn of Gov decision we will be OPENING ONLY TO VULNERABLE PUPILS AND CHILDREN OF CRITICAL WORKERS. See letter to parents on website. If you are unsure about anything please call the school office.


KEEP AN EYE ON THE NEWS. We will update as soon as official decisions are made.


SCHOOL OPEN AS USUAL ON TUESDAY. See letter We worked hard to stay safe before Christmas we will continue to do so with even more vigilance now. If your household shows any symptoms of Covid please get a test and do not bring children to school.


Finally to finish the beautiful Christingle from Y4, 5 and 6!


Next up the wonderful Y1,2 and 3!


Drumroll please... it is Nativity time! Although they are virtual this year they are incredible. A huge thank you to Mr Delaney and Ms Lyndsay for all their hard work! First up Nursery and Reception. ⁦


Yesterday we had a very special visitor at HPACP. Santa came to deliver presents to all our hard working children!


KS2 rehearse for their online christingle event. A beautiful moment in the midst of such exceptional times.


Is there an office team as amazing as this one? Course not! They’re WORLD CLASS! The office led the Narnia transformation and finished it with Miss Eva becoming the white witch with her Turkish Turkish delight! So amazing


It just gets better. Our amazing parent upcycled outfit tree with her amazing balloon creation. How lovely. Thank you so much. Making Christmas special


Adding a touch of sparkle; our twinkling school hall. Thanks to the incredible CP elves! You are all special and magical and wonderfully unique. World class


Thank you to the amazing parent who made this fantastic wall - what a beautiful gift to our academy. World class parent!


Top scientist, teacher, leader and encourager extraordinaire Ms Shaikh-Baha’i enjoys a special moment in our Christmas wonderland

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5


Reading Challenge Books

Class Newsletters

Hello and welcome to Year 5.

Welcome back to school! We hope you have had a fabulous week off and are looking forward to the new school term as much as we are.

We have lots of exciting things happening this term, including a trip, so make sure you read on to find out what is happening.


 This half term our theme will be poetry. During this topic children will learn about different types of poetry including Kit Wright’s The Magic Box and ‘Twas the Night before Christmas. They will prepare poems to read aloud and perform showing their understanding through intonation, tone, volume and actions. In addition, they will use their own experiences to write poetry using figurative language and imagery.

To support your child please share your favourite childhood poems and explain why you liked these poems in particular.


We will have the PE sessions twice a week. All children are required to wear full school-issue PE kit, which is available from the school office. Your child’s PE kit should come into school at the beginning of half term and be taken home to wash at the end of the half term unless it is needed before hand. 4 Lewis will be going swimming for two weeks at the London Aquatic Centre, Stratford. every day from 28.10.2019 to 08.11.2019. Please ensure that your child has an appropriate swimsuit, a swimming hat and a towel. This is a fantastic opportunity for your children to learn this critical skill at the Olympic Swimming Centre in Stratford.

Reading Challenge

Reading challenge continues!

Children should be encouraged to read these to further develop their reading ability and vocabulary. If the children read six books each half term they will receive a half termly reading challenge certificate. Please support and encourage your child to foster a lifelong love of reading.


We will concentrate on Fractions for the greatest part of this half- term, to lay solid foundations for the rest of the year. This will include finding fractions of amounts ; equivalent fractions and the addition and subtraction of fractions.

Other aspects we will revisit and practise are place value, we will also develop our understanding of units of measure and how to convert between them.