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Amazing Science here at HPACP! Today our very talented Y6 children displayed their great scientific knowledge with the rest of the school. They displayed fun-filled activities and allowed the children to join in with bubble blowing, building with marshmallows and so much more....


World Book day at HPACP! The office staff and teachers are causing a stir with their amazing efforts to impress the children on this fun filled day! Stay tuned for more amazing costumes...... 🤩🤩


Here at HPACP, the children have been busy buying their books for their very own home library during lunch time.#myhomelibrary


World book day is tomorrow!! What will you be wearing? Maybe you will be Burglar Bill, a ladybird, the Gruffalo or Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz... use your imagination and be creative! 🤩🤩🤩#Worldbookday


Great first try of backward roll to straddle - boys for gymnastics!


From a position of weakness HPACP storm through and win this race overtaking the overall winners - our lovely family at HPAPL EXTREMELY proud of how far you’ve come.


CONGRATULATIONS to our amazing athletic team who won every sprint race, but were pipped on the field events - overall winning a fantastic 3rd place. SO PROUD. Watch and see HPACP pip the overall winners, our extended family the HPAPL Team


Retweetd From HPA Philip Lane

Congratulations to our amazing athletic team who BEAT every contender in heat 3 and are now through to the Haringey final on Thursday. Check out HPACP and HPAPL neck and neck in the sprints.


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Harris Academy Coleraine Park - wonderful performance by students on Friday afternoons.


More dancing and clapping. So brilliant year 1


The three kings boogie to Hey Ewe


hey ewe - come back here and watch some more of this amazing y1


The wise men arrive… brilliant singing, acting, enthusiasm. So amazed and proud at Year 1


Fantastic Caesar - so clear and loud. Is he really only year 1? Amazing


How much further to Bethlehem? Stunning performance by Y1. Amazing. So proud of you


Wow! There’s something going on in Bethlehem and something is definitely going on right here in our hall Amazing


Hustle bustle lets get busy… with our Y1 fantastic singing


Fabulous! . So proud. Well done Reception

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Spring I Wk1 2019 Y1 07th Jan 2019 Download
Spring I Wk2 2019 -Year 1 14th Jan 2019 Download
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Spring I Wk5 Homework Y1 04th Feb 2019 Download
Spring II Wk 2 2019 - Y1 04th Mar 2019 Download
Spring II Wk 4 2019 - Y1 Homework 18th Mar 2019 Download
Spring II Wk 5 2019- Y1 Homework 25th Mar 2019 Download
Summer 1 Wk 3 2019- Yr 1 Homework 06th May 2019 Download
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