The winning Year 5 orienteering team!🎉🗺🧭Great team work, fantastic map reading skills and great effort all round! We’ll done you lot!


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This video just made smile, laugh, cry and more… beautiful! Just beautiful! When can I see them live?!? I’m a fan!


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These kids are amazing!! Sounds and looks like there's some great work happening at 🔥🔥


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Happy happy faces, joy through music and joy together :)


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Music for happiness, rhythm, teamwork, fulfilment 👏🏻🎶🎼🙇🏻‍♂️


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They are great


Retweetd From Alison Kriel 💙 #ubuntu #AntiRacist

They’re really great! Thanks for sharing


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We LOVED the marimba video you shared the other day and wanted to show you our brilliant steel pan group 🔥🤩! We think you’ll like this!


Not to be left behind, Year 5 are undertaking their own map work today! 🗺


SATs may be over but Year 6 put their brains to work yesterday with an orienteering workshop on Hampstead Heath. Some incredible map reading! 🗺📍🧭


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Congratulations for the 3rd year successful fundraising to adapt 14 endangered animals in WWF list ! This is the legacy that Y6 students leave behind every year before their transition.


Ok, we know we’re biased but reception’s London Landmarks are out of this world! Well done to the children (and the odd helping-hand from some grown ups at home). Truly phenomenal!🎉


Our assembly highlights animals, their habitats and the steps we can take to protect endangered species for generations to come! Well done to our featured pupils who demonstrated such a fanatic knowledge of their individual habitats.


Read all about our adventures this week in our new newsletter. Out now!


Haringey SEND services are changing!  To better meet the needs of the local community Haringey SEND are changing the way that they work and they want to hear your opinions:


You know we love our Science at HPACP. As such, we wanted to draw your attention to - you can find out all about it here:


Year 6 left the incredible Lyceum this afternoon utterly inspired! They’re all geared up for their own production now and we think you’re going to be in for a THEATRICAL TREAT! 🦁🎭


So excited to watch this afternoon! 🦁🎭


Guess where Year 6 are today? We’ve come to to watch ahead of our VERY OWN PRODUCTION! 🦁🎭

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All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

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10 Special Facts About Our Academy

  1. We have 60 lively young minds in each of our year groups.
  2. In work and in play, our children are encouraged towards traditional values: good manners and behaviour, enthusiasm and recognising right from wrong.
  3. The specialism at our Academy is literacy, which we chose because we believe that learning to read, write and communicate effectively is extremely important.
  4. All of our students have a reading lesson every single day – this is so that they can read fluently by the time they are age 7.
  5. Reports are sent home very regularly, every 6 weeks, so that parents know how their children are doing and how they can help them to develop and improve.
  6. We want all of our children to be able to experience high quality P.E. lessons and is why we have a full-time Specialist P.E. teacher.
  7. For the most academically able children, we begin introducing the secondary curriculum early.  
  8. Creativity and fun are important aspects of the way we do things at the Academy – there is always time and space for children to develop their imaginations and thinking skills.
  9. Our children are very talented.  Our extracurricular programme is packed full of music clubs, dance clubs, drama clubs, writing clubs and sports activities.
  10. Children can be dropped at the Academy as early as 8am for Breakfast Club and picked up at 6pm if they stay for After School Club. There is also a Holiday Club.