Our Learning Ethos, Aims & Values - Harris Primary Academy Coleraine Park

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Amazing with as y1 investigate flowering plants https://t.co/BfWUcd1r2L


Y3 share their song today in class assembly https://t.co/mCvEDYfwAI


Amazing code breaking from year 4 working systematically and logically. https://t.co/jjNLq7yZyQ


Check out our timeline video by year 3. Well done! https://t.co/auR6d7Zsas


Y3 learned so much about the and it’s influence on Britain today. Well done. https://t.co/LB9UA3Jsu0


Fantastic new flooring transforms our EYFS classroom thanks to our amazing caretaker and pastoral lead who worked so hard to fit it. Thank you https://t.co/CGSoLkenj1


Y3 share their learning about life in Roman London. Fantastic confidence and extensive knowledge https://t.co/u4eOru7nvg


Retweetd From Tes

'The boys lay in bed, in their mould-covered room, trying to keep warm and ignoring the empty feeling that was gnawing away at their stomachs' – this piece on 'relative poverty' is such an important read: https://t.co/9wjOtWwE1u https://t.co/Q7lTIm5Rqy


Retweetd From HarrisColerainePark

creates a buzz of excitement. Year 6 are ready to share their knowledge from wind power to DNA. https://t.co/PoHzvuFzA7


Retweetd From Shirin sheikh-Bahai

Impressive job by our primary students dhows high expectation in teaching and learning in Science Education


Retweetd From Harris Federation

Very proud that student Shea Williams named Deputy Young Mayor https://t.co/boRlkUFQC5


Retweetd From HCBA Haringey

to the fabulous , , , , , , , , and We're excited to welcome you all to our award ceremony in a few weeks' time!


Retweetd From HPABeckenhamGreen

A busy & brilliant morning for our Y5 residential children (and staff!) busy learning new skills! Look out for birthday celebrations, clambering up to dizzy heights and re-enacting Robin Hood archery skills! Great adaptability and perseverance! https://t.co/7mDCz5DWXi


Retweetd From HPABeckenhamGreen

After a good night's sleep, the team were up early, ready for a hearty breakfast and packing up. Although it is raining, they will still be having fun on the maze challenge. Looking forward to seeing them later this afternoon! https://t.co/O6k5HYTKKa


Retweetd From HPABeckenhamGreen

Good to see response on Friday to request to repaint double yellow & zigzag lines outside 🚸Thank you! 🙏Pedestrians will be able to walk along St George's Road and use zebra crossing safely. https://t.co/Gc3iJTzzQa


Retweetd From Evening Standard

No eye-rolling, no shrugging: how head helped Battersea school hit top Ofsted rating https://t.co/X0NEpXJoAj


Super learning in as Y5 describe the scene with sophisticated language; cacophony, tumultuous, foreboding https://t.co/foIfZxsS0h


creates a buzz of excitement. Year 6 are ready to share their knowledge from wind power to DNA. https://t.co/PoHzvuFzA7


Amazing . Y6 setting up ready to teach while school about fantastic science concepts https://t.co/YFk3hUp2oI


Happiness and enthusiasm! Children loving school in their music class. https://t.co/ryC1uhCI2e

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

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Our Learning Ethos, Aims & Values

Our Mission Statement:

We believe that confidence, self esteem and strong moral values are the keys to successful futures; that all children can make a difference in the world they live. Therefore at HPACP we develop a 'can-do' attitude; empowering every member  of the school family to embrace challenge, take risks and aspire to achieve....

'exceedingly, abundantly, above all we can think or imagine.'

Our Ethos

Learning is at the heart of all we do; learning for children, staff and parents. Our ethos is embedded in our belief that high expectations achieve high outcomes! We also believe in building confidence by giving children opportunities to achieve through challenging and creative learning experiences.

However, academic attainment is not enough. We want to grow children who care enough to make a difference in the world. Therefore, we emphasise strong moral values which together form the daily diet at Harris Coleraine Park.


Our teachers and leaders are ambitious for the children and families of Harris Primary Academy Coleraine Park.

We have high expectations for behaviour and learning and therefore high expectations of outcomes for children.

We want to raise standards and expectations by making sure that, whatever a child’s background or starting point is, they finish Year 6 with the academic skills, social skills and knowledge necessary to succeed. 

This is brought about by having systems and processes that ensure good behaviour; engaging and rigorous teaching; learning and assessment combined with detailed monitoring of achievement and personalised target setting.

Teachers know exactly where each child is in terms of achievement and have stretching targets for them.  Whenever a child needs extra support, we plan work for them in small groups or on a one-to-one basis to give them the additional tuition they require.

Children with identified Special Educational Need or disability will be assessed to be included on the Special Educational Needs register.  Provision for these children is then mapped to ensure that they are able to access the full range of curriculum opportunities to progress and succeed.

Our aim is that each of our students should be able to hit the ground running when they begin secondary school.