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Year 6 leavers assembly , every child was acknowledged by Mrs.Taylor the Excutive Principal HPACP , Harris Federation. When you are loved and respected by your teachers, your journey in life takes a magnificent direction. We are teachers , we touch the future!


Our Y6 have performed their final production of The Greatest Showman. It was an outstanding performance, well done Y6!#harrisfederation


HPACP had their Y6 Production of The Greatest Showman last night. It was a splendid evening with roars of laughter and an explosion of applause. A huge well done to our Y6 students, we are extremely proud of you! We have our final show tonight at 6pm.#harrisfederation


HPACP had their Y6 Production of The Greatest Showman last night. It was a splendid evening with roars of laughter and an explosion of applause. We have our final show tonight at 6pm - Don't miss out! We only have a few seats left!


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Wonderful performance by Y6 students of Coleraine Park and amazing outcome: recognition in the BigBang competition for Think Universe - All is One particle science project by UCL.


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Wonderful to have our here to talk to our new cohort of about the best career there is! Inspiring and just a bit emotional for us to see how far they've come this year. THANK YOU!


Harris Primary Coleraine Park at the Great BIG BANG Competition at Westminster Kings College . Judges have been very impressed with our students who are computing with universities and secondary schools representatives !


Recipe for creative learning take an a good dose of some key knowledge about and you have Year 6 iMovies. Great job guys!


Possibly the best science teaching in the nation. Year 1 learn about fish by dissecting them! A lesson they’ll never forget. Science leads the way and


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Another gig for Jazz Band - whole school assembly this morning


Securing understanding of balanced fractions in Y5. Well done to everyone who made the sacrifice to continue enjoying leaning.


So proud of so many staff making Easter school possible for half of the entire academy! Year 2, Year 3,Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6.


Y2 get extra support with teachers who give up their holidays to continue making a difference. So proud. Thank you team.


One of the youngest members of the HPACP family. Enjoying the Easter Fair!


Concentration makes for excellent outcomes. One of our youngest players in the amazing steel plan band of HPACP ⁦


Thoroughly enjoying playing in steel pan band


Proudly wearing her SILVER attendance badge. Never missed a school day yet!


Loving life at the Easter Fair. So proud of our amazing academy and the families and staff within it


Oops! Not sleeping! Enjoying the music!


The baby sleeps through the amazing steel band playing at the Easter Fair.

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Posted on June 8th 2018

HPACP Choir Members

With half term just over, the choir started off their first day back with an excellent opportunity to attend the Royal Albert Hall. 25 children from HPACP gospel choir joined other children from schools around Haringey to sing the “Haringey goes wild” songs. Children as young as 5 years old, sang with joy and pride, on Monday evening. Arriving at 3:30pm, we rehearsed with a live orchestra, until 6 pm. We then went to the park and enjoyed a light dinner before heading back to our allocated position to wow the audience. We sang the songs together and watched children play the guitar, an excellent drum session, jazz ensemble and the Haringey Vox choir. We spotted children that have moved on, but from our great opportunities here at HPACP, have carried on with learning an instrument. We had an amazing turn out and support from the parents of the choir children.

Parents who came had a spectacular time and were extremely proud of their children. Returning at 11:00pm, some children were tired and some extremely excited. A well-deserved weekend rest. Well done children and parents! A fabulous evening!

Ms Sweeney